Fire Restoration Update

Since the devastating fire on January 31, 2010, the Edgebrook Lutheran Church congregation has worked diligently to restore the church to its former beauty and functionality.

Early in 2010 the Church Council appointed a Reconstruction and Design Team to advance the rebuilding of the church.

The congregation decided that this was an opportunity to make changes to the building that would enhance their ability to serve the community and the core missions of the church. Members were polled and town hall meetings were held to share thoughts regarding the restoration and redesign.

JNA architects were hired to bring their expertise and resources to this endeavor. The congregation voted on plans that included an expanded and more flexible worship space, an enhanced organ, new seating and expanded elevator access for the elderly or disabled. The rebuilt church will be more energy efficient and upgraded to current building codes.

Because the roof had been damaged beyond repair, it had to be removed and replaced. The wood-beamed ceiling that had been a focal point of the original sanctuary has been restored to its former glory. The stained-glass windows which suffered extensive damage have been restored and re-installed on the church building.

We still have much to do, but we’re well on our way to rebuilding and restoring Edgebrook Lutheran Church to be the church for tomorrow – and today!